Cathiana Sylne
Cathiana is a writer and digital artist with a Bachelor of Arts in Media Production from Florida State University and a Master of Arts in Creative Writing from the University of California, San Diego. Her work draws from her transnational experience as a black woman living and creating outside of her native home, Haiti. Cathiana believes good storytelling has the power to reach the subconscious and stoke new emotions and behaviors. She believes when we hear a good story, we are moved beyond logic and beyond words. Cathiana’s well-rounded background in production has allowed her to work with celebrities like Selena Gomez and Liam Neeson. Her videos and PSAs have aired on television stations across the United States and appeared on the NASDAQ building and CNN advertisement board in Times Square, New York. Cathiana’s creative work has also been featured in renowned journals like The Caribbean Writer and earned her the prestigious San Diego Fellowship.

Egma Sylne:
As a Haitian graphic artist and creative, Egma wants to harness the power of media to celebrate authenticity and foster self-love. She feels fortunate to have been born into a vibrant and rich culture, which serves as a constant source of inspiration for her creative perspective. Social media is Egma’s primary mode of artistic expression. Her obsession with mastering tools on platforms like TikTok and Instagram is key to her success in executing effective social media content for a variety of brands, including Hublot, Cartier, Tablé, and Barton G. 
The wisdom of a Roman African playwright summarizes Egma’s creative approach: “Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto,” or “I am a human; I consider nothing that is human alien to me.” These words are a beautiful reminder that what was possible for humanity’s greatest heroes is also possible for her as a creative.

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